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Análise Editorial is the first publishing company in Brazil dedicated solely to producing specialized publications. Based on the extensive research of primary data, all the content produced is presented in an easy to use format and enables an in-depth and objective analysis of the country’s main economic sectors. Our research is comprised of original inventories, whose careful presentation stands out for the precision of its data and the instructional organization of the content.

We work with a depth and volume of information in line with the needs of our target audience: those who make decisions and form opinions in Brazil. The distribution of our publications is also targeted. The reader does not receive publications that he/she is not interested in and the advertiser does not pay to reach those it does not want to reach. The mailing lists are geared towards the specific readership of each edition.

The publications of Análise Editorial are aimed at contributing information that can help Brazil to better explore its potentials and to overcome its limitations. Our mission is to actively participate in the efforts to build a more organized business environment, where the companies can produce more, profit more and gain new markets, freeing themselves from the limitations that hinder the development of the country. In line with this thinking, Análise Editorial aims at leading the segment of specialized journalistic publications by becoming a reference in its specific topics for those who make decisions and form opinions.

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Análise Editorial’s concern is to produce relevant information that can help in the decision making and opinion forming processes. We believe that the only way to achieve such an ambitious target is to invest in editorial quality, with innovative ideas, an in-depth approach and an instructionally organized presentation.

The publications of Análise Editorial offer original content to the Brazilian editorial market. Based on the in-depth research of primary data and information, the yearbooks published by Análise Editorial bring to light a Brazil that invests, produces and moves forward, without denying that it still has a long way to go, but it shows objectively just how much progress is being made.

In many cases, the team of Análise Editorial conducts its own specially developed research to better understand each one of the sectors analyzed in its publications. In order to quantify, measure, disclose and explain what happens in these segments, Análise Editorial interviews the main entrepreneurs, academics, public managers and experts of the country and the world.

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Custom editions

Análise Editorial offers its expertise in the creation and the production of customized publications for its readers and clients. It is available to develop tailor-made projects with the intention of disclosing information in an objective, easy-to-understand and in-depth manner about the Brazilian corporate world, its companies, executives and representative associations.

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Análise Editorial’s publications are produced for a specific audience. They reach decision makers and opinion formers in Brazil through the free and direct distribution of limited print runs. The logic is to deliver to a highly stratified readership publications that can be used as tools for their business.

For such, Análise Editorial invests in the production of original, exclusive and innovative content that is distributed to opinion formers – experts, academics, governmental and congressional authorities, entrepreneurial and sector leaders, journalists, columnists and commentators, among others – and decision makers – the most prominent entrepreneurs of the country, presidents, vice-presidents and executives of the 1,500 largest companies of the value chain related to the subjects of each of the publications. The publications are also distributed abroad to Brazil’s main investors and commercial partners.

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de Análise Editorial in your press program and see more information about our advertising plans and sponsorship quotas, contact our commercial team.

Alexandre Raciskas Commercial Director

(55 11) 3201-2300
Rua Major Quedinho, 111, 16° andar
Centro – São Paulo, SP – 01050-904

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Most of the copies of Análise Editorial’s publications are distributed in a targeted manner and free of charge. However, we reserve a part of the editions for those who wish to acquire supplementary copies, as well as for a broader public, which is increasingly showing more interest in the subjects and the approaches proposed by Análise Editorial. First copies and older editions can be acquired directly from the publisher via the internet.

At every new publication, before the copies are distributed or reach the newsstand, Análise Editorial offers the opportunity to buy a lot of the yearbooks in advance, in general, with a promotional discount.

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